Welcome to Sefarow, Traveller!

Hi, I'm Leo, and this is my homebrew D&D5e campaign setting, named Sefarow! The intent of this website is to document the lore of the setting in a easily-accessable way for players and DMs alike, should anyone want to use it.

The Premise:

This setting has its basis in the Renaissance and the early colonial era / Golden Age of Piracy. It is a high-magic and high-technology setting for a sandbox-style game made with an emphasis on exploration and seafaring, with a touch of politics on the side.

Set in the world of Adaria, Seafarow is an archipelago continent found in the centre of it's world map. It is formed of 9 separate countries, each with their own rich history and lore!

This setting includes:

  • a world map
  • country and city maps
  • a homebrew pantheon of gods (modified Faerun pantheon)
  • homebrew items
  • homebrew backgrounds
  • naval exploration and combat

About me and my setting

This setting is lovingly handcrafted by me and me alone, using freely available tools from other indie devs (all linked in the "Dungeon Master's Arsenal" section of the sidebar. It is born out of my love of high-fantasy and history, with a healthy dollop of my favourite pop culture influences. All the artwork and assets on the site are either my own original work or creative commons.

My tastes in settings and themes lean towards the whimsical and personal, which I hope comes across in Sefarow. While my personal intentions for my own campaign have served as the basis for the design of the setting, I want these to serve as guidelines and not as rules, should anybody else want to run a campaign using my setting. That being said, the type of game that would be best suited for Seafarow is an open-ended sandbox-style game with an emphasis on roleplaying. The plot hooks/story beats that I intend on using (found in the "DM's Corner" section of the site) lean towards more down-to-earth and small-scale missions, with an emphasis on the impact of player's actions and NPC interactions. The larger story beats or events are politics- and exploration- based.