Homebrew Content

Sefarow is home to a great number of artificers and mages, making items both magic and mundane readily available to its citizens. The wilds of Sefarow are home to beasts both strange and wonderful.

Full disclaimer: I am not the greatest at homebrewing or balancing. I don't have homebrewed classes or subclasses for this setting, nor spells because I don't want to inadvertantly break my games. This section of the site is meant to serve as a handy reference of all the homebrew content included in this setting, both for players and DMs.


The homebrew content I have written up is broadly categorized into 4 categories (see table of contents) each with several sub-categories, listed here. Items are sorted by rarity, creatures are sorted by country and type. This section will continue expanding as I write more stuff; this is very much a work in progress.

Character Options

  • Backgrounds
  • Eldritch Invocations


  • Mundane Items
  • Magic Items

Ships and Seafaring

  • Mechanics
  • Ships
  • Ship Items and Upgrades


  • Creatures by Region

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