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Languages of Sefarow



Made using Donjon's Fantasy Calendar Generator, load this file for Sefarow's Calendar.

As one of the oldest states of the continent, the most widely-used calendar found on Sefarow is the Drahgian calendar, created by (name goes here) roughly 350 years ago, as part of the sweeping social and cultural reforms that came with Drahgi's unification. The Drahgian calendar is fairly simple, with each year consisting of 8 months of 30 24-hour-long days each, for a total of 240 days a year. Each month is divided into 3 ten-day-long weeks, refered to simply as "tendays". The current year is year 353 of the Era of Unification.

The names of months and weekdays, as well as major celebrations and other important dates are listed on the Donjon calendar.