The Lore of Sefarow

Here lives the bulk of the things I have written for this setting. For ease of finding things, this section will be broken down into many many pages, listed below. I Intend for this page to serve as a personal wiki of sorts

Overview of Categories


  • Natural History
  • Early History of Sefarow
  • History by Country

People of Sefarow

  • Races
  • Important NPCs


  • Albumaraes
  • Barcevarre
  • Dostrien
  • Drahgi
  • Dune Anmel
  • Ermeniche
  • Lethmel
  • Malantera
  • Tolemora
  • Qaz-Nuzan

Cities and Towns

  • Cities and Towns by country


  • Cosmology of Adaria
  • Major Deities
  • Minor Deities
  • Gods Beyond Sefarow

Guilds and Factions

  • Guilds and Factions by country
  • International Guilds and Factions
  • Guilds and Factions Beyond Sefarow


  • Languages
  • Callendar
  • The World Beyond Sefarow